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Over 900,000 Dogs in the United Kingdom Suffer From Anxiety

Most of the time the cause for anxiety is fear of their environment or separation from their companion.  Any dog owner knows that even when they leave for short periods of time, upon your return your furry friend will respond as if you've been away for months.
So, how do we help stop these preventable anxiety attacks?
Simple: Create an environment they feel calm and safe in.

Proven To Ease Anxiety.

Our Calming Bed helps ground and relax your furry friends. The raised rim creates a sense of security and positively activates the nervous system, allowing your pooch to relax more easily, calm down quickly, and sleep more soundly.

Superior Quality, Superior Comfort

The premium natural fiber filling offers joint and muscle pain relief, while the raised rim provides better head and neck support.
The round shape and deep crevices of our Pooch Pouch allow your pet to burrow, making it ideal for pets who love to curl up!


Please note that size may be different by 1-5cm as these are only a size guide based on average size.
We always recommend you to purchase one size larger to allow your dogs to cuddle comfortably.

Improves Your Dog's Sleep

Our calming dog bed can help relax and ground your little fellas. It is designed and created with inspiration from an age-old general concept that shows how a pet's sleeping pattern makes a difference in his happiness level
Feeling of safety and warmness is guaranteed to ALL pets while also providing neck and joint support for muscle relief which results in greatly improved sleep!

Soft to the Touch, Machine Washable

Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux fur, our self-warming Pooch Pouch is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. It’s soft, durable, and machine-washable.


Material: Coral Fleece
Machine Washable: Yes
Breathable: Yes
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Sizes: Available on the SizeGuide

    Package Includes 

    1 x Calming Dog Bed

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