Lefant M210B Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Smart, Sleek, and Efficient

Say goodbye to tedious cleaning! Designed with four cleaning modes, a brushless nozzle, FreeMove 2.0 technology, app and voice controls, this compact and powerful vacuum makes cleaning a breeze.

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30-Day Test Period

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Key Features
Four Cleaning Modes: The Lefant M210B robotic vacuum cleaner sets itself apart with its four unique cleaning modes, including automatic, planning, fixed point, and edge cleaning. With its planning the cleanup trilogy, this vacuum cleaner can thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your home, making cleaning a breeze!

Brushless Nozzle Design: Unlike traditional robotic vacuums with rotating brush heads that are tedious to clean, this one is equipped with an advanced 2000 Pa brushless nozzle and two side brushes with powerful suction power. This design easily draws in hair, debris, and dust directly into the 500ml large capacity dust collection bucket, making cleaning both convenient and effective. Plus, its two layers of filtration prevent secondary contamination.

FreeMove 2.0 Technology: The M210B features built-in 6D anti-collision infrared sensors that detect its surroundings from all angles. This technology enables the vacuum to avoid obstacles easily and reduce failures caused by wear, deformation, dust accumulation, and other factors. Additionally, it can detect stairs to prevent falls and easily climb carpets.

Small Body Design: With its one-piece body design, this robot vacuum measures only 28cm in diameter and 7.6cm in thickness. This compact design allows it to fit in narrow spaces, such as under beds and sofas, and easily maneuver around corners without snagging. It boasts a high coverage rate and an extremely low failure rate, with a long battery life of up to 100 minutes of run time before automatically returning to the charging station.

Smart App & Voice Controls: The Lefant M210B robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled via the Lefant Life App, Alexa, and Google Home voice command. You can monitor the cleaning path, schedule cleaning plans, adjust suction levels, and change cleaning modes with ease. Please note that it only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

What You Get: Along with the M210B robot vacuum cleaner, you'll receive a charging base, power adapter, 500ml large dust bin, 2 HEPA filters, 4 side brushes, and an user manual.
How to Connect the Robot
1. Download Lefant app from the app market

2. Add your M210B robot vacuum to the APP

3. Turn on the robot red button switch

4. Press and hold the start button for 6 seconds

5. Connect to the 2.4GHz WiFi

6. select and connect the WiFi of "Smart life-XXX"

7. Wait for the robot to pair successfully
Cleaning Modes
Zig-Zag Mode: If you want more efficient cleaning, please use Zig-Zag cleaning mode to avoid missing areas and achieve a full clean.

Scheduled Cleaning: You can do it via Lefant app. Click on 'schedule - Add button - select the time and cleaning mode you want to clean.

Spot Mode: Carry out a thorough cleaning of areas that a difficult to clean, suitable for places where stubborn stains gather.

Random-Path Mode: Why is there no suction on low-pile carpets? Please choose Random mode and turn on Max suction mode on the carpet.

Along-edge Cleaning Mode: The corner is the most easily overlooked, but
M210 black featured edge cleaning mode makes the dust nowhere to hide.
Will it also work on a floor made from linoleum?

"Yes it will. I haven't tried the mop function but it works on any sort of hard floor covering."

We have quite high thresholds between each room. Could it climb over?

This Robot Vacuum can only climb a height of 12mm.

May I know if I can still control the robot to work through app when I’m not at home please?

It can be controlled remotely through the mobile APP without being at home. The robot can record the cleaning path, time & area.

Can this work on a timer, so I can go to bed?

Yes! On the app you can set a timer and a program for your robot to start!

How long does the battery last?

The Lefant M210B robot vacuum has a long battery life of up to 100 minutes. It will automatically return to the charging station at the end of the cleaning cycle or when the battery is low.

How often do I need to empty the dustbin?

It depends on how dirty your floors are and how often you use the vacuum, but on average, you may need to empty the 500ml dustbin after each cleaning cycle.

Does it work on carpets?

Yes, the Lefant M210B robot vacuum can easily climb carpets and has a powerful suction to draw in dirt, debris and dust.

Is it noisy?

It has a noise level of less than 70dB, which is quieter than most traditional vacuum cleaners.






Explore The Lefant M210B

Clean Smart, Live Easy

Achieving a clean home has never been easier! With our robot vacuum's advanced features and easy-to-use app, you can sit back and relax while it takes care of the cleaning.

Enjoy a stress-free and comfortable lifestyle with our innovative technology. Clean smart, Live easy.

Unbeatable Cleaning Power with Brushless Suction

Say goodbye to tangled hair and tedious cleaning with the unbeatable cleaning power of our brushless suction robot vacuum.

Equipped with advanced technology and a powerful motor, it can draw in hair, debris, and dust directly into its large capacity dust collection bucket.

Control the Vacuum from Anywhere

With our advanced robotic vacuum technology, you can control your vacuum from anywhere using your mobile phone.

The user-friendly app allows you to remotely start cleaning, switch between modes, and adjust power levels with just a few taps.

Supports: Alexa & Google Home voice command.

4 Smart Cleaning Modes

Our Lefant M210B Robot boasts four precise cleaning modes- automatic, planning, fixed point, and edge- with a planning cleanup trilogy that leaves no corner untouched. Cleaning your home has never been easier!

Smart 6D Anti-Collision Sensor for Hassle-Free Cleaning

Built-in 6D anti-collision infrared sensor detects surrounding environment with 720-degree omnidirectional detection. It easily avoids obstacles, detects stairs and climbs carpets, reducing failures caused by wear and dust accumulation.

Quick and Easy Setup: start cleaning in no time

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated installation processes with our vacuum's quick and easy setup.

You'll be up and running in no time, ready to enjoy a spotless home with minimal effort.


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Model Name
Suction Power
2000 Pa
Dustbin Capacity
Battery Capacity
‎36 x 12 x 49 cm
Battery Life
up to 100 minutes
Cleaning Modes
Automatic, Planning, Fixed Point, Edge
Navigation Technology
FreeMove 2.0 with 6D anti-collision infrared sensors
2-layer HEPA filter
App Control
Lefant Life App (2.4GHz Wi-Fi required)
Voice Control
Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
Charging base, power adapter, 2 HEPA filters, 4 side brushes, and user manual.

Package Includes

M210B Robot Vacuum
Charging base & Power adapter
500ML large dustbin x 1
2 HEPA filters & 4 Side brushes


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