"Absolutely love the LumiGlow night lamp! The colors and modes create a magical atmosphere for my little one's bedtime. It's been a game-changer in making bedtime routines enjoyable and calming.-Meghan., UK

LumiGlow Aura 2 Night Light: The Ultimate Mood-Enhancing Night Lamp


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Say Goodbye to Harsh Lighting: Set the Perfect Mood with the Dimmable LumiGlow Night Lamp

  • A wide range of 13 vibrant colors that allow you to customize the lighting to match your mood or decor.

  • Gentle and eye-friendly illumination

  • Promotes a secure and soothing bedtime environment for kids and babies

  • Portable and versatile - long battery life

  • Easy control - remote or touch

LumiGlow Aura Adjustable Light: Create Your Ideal Environment for Restful Nights

Our night lamp allows you to create your ideal environment for a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

With its adjustable brightness and soothing color options, you have full control over the ambiance of your space. 

Whether you prefer a soft warm glow or a tranquil cool hue, the LumiGlow Aura is designed to cater to your unique preferences. 

1h/2h/4H/6H Timer

Soft Night Light

1500mAh Li-ion BATTERY


Why choose Our LumiGlow Night Light?

  • Wide range of 13 vibrant colors and 3 dynamic modes

  • Provides gentle and soothing illumination

  • Portable, long-lasting battery

  • 30-Day money back guarantee

  • Sleek and modern design, premium materials

  • Limited color options and modes

  • Traditional night lights may provide harsh or overly bright illumination

  • Short battery life

  • Not portable

  • Generic design

Calm Your Little One with Serene Illumination
Designed to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, this magical light gently soothes and comforts your child. 

With its soft and serene glow, it effortlessly transforms their space into a haven of tranquility.

The soothing illumination is perfect for story time or as a gentle night light, providing a sense of security throughout the night. 
Dimmable Glow, Perfect Mood
With just a touch, you can effortlessly adjust the brightness to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion. 

Whether you're looking for a warm and cozy glow for a relaxing evening or a vibrant burst of light to energize your space, our LumiGlow lamp has got you covered.

Comfortable Bedtime Lighting

Designed to create a soothing and cozy environment, it's the perfect companion for your nighttime routine.

Whether you're unwinding with a book, snuggling up for a peaceful sleep, or simply need a comforting presence in the dark, our product provides the ideal solution - for your or your little one.
Set the Mood Your Way: 13 Colors and 3 Modes
With an impressive selection of 13 vibrant colors and 3 dynamic modes, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, add a pop of excitement to your space, or simply unwind with soothing hues, our Lamp has got you covered.

LumiGlow™ Aura 2 Specifications:

  • Brilliant Colors: Choose from a stunning palette of 13 vibrant colors to create your desired ambiance.

  • Adjustable Brightness: Enjoy 5 levels of brightness.

  • Versatile Modes: Explore 3 dynamic light modes - flash, strobe, and fade.

  • Long-Lasting Battery: 1500mAh built-in battery, enjoy 11-15 hours of continuous use.

  • Eye-Friendly Lighting: Experience flicker-free, eye-friendly lighting

  • Control Method: by Touch or Remote Control