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PureFloss™️ Smart Water Flosser

PureFloss™️ Smart Water Flosser

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Introducing PureFloss™️, your new go-to companion for impeccable oral hygiene. It's sleek and portable, you can take it anywhere, ensuring a fresh, clean mouth on the go.
Unlike regular flossers, PureFloss™️ features multiple pressure settings, providing superior performance and convenience.

PureFloss™️ outperforms traditional flossing by miles. With customizable pressure settings and easy handling, a water flosser reaches areas that traditional floss just simply can't.

PureFloss™️ offers multiple cleaning modes to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you have sensitive gums, need a gentle clean, or require a powerful jet to remove stubborn plaque, it has the perfect setting for you. 

With easy-to-adjust pressure levels and 5 pro cleaning levels, it ensures a comfortable and effective flossing experience for all ages and dental conditions.

PureFloss™️ Benefits

  • Superior Cleaning Efficiency: PureFloss™️ uses powerful water jets to effectively remove plaque and debris from between teeth and below the gumline, providing a more thorough clean than traditional floss.
  • Customizable Pressure Settings: With multiple pressure settings, it caters to various oral care needs, from gentle cleaning for sensitive gums to stronger jets for deeper cleaning, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.
  • User-Friendly Design: Featuring an easy-to-fill 300ml water tank and a waterproof build, it is designed for effortless use and durability, making daily flossing simpler and more efficient.
  • Enhanced Gum Health: Regular use of PureFloss™️ can improve gum health by stimulating circulation and reducing inflammation, helping to prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis.
  • PureFloss Worry-Free Guarantee: We're so confident in PureFloss's quality that we provide a 45-day satisfaction guarantee (no questions asked) period and a 1-year warranty!

PureFloss™️ Specifications:

Cleaning Modes 5
Water Pressure Range 30-120 PSI
Pulse Rate 1400 times/min
Battery Capacity
1400 mAh
Water Tank Capacity 300ml

What's included:

  • 1 x PureFloss™️ Smart Water Flosser
  • 6 x Replaceable Nozzles
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x PureFloss Original Box

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