SafeSnap Pro Baby Car Seat

Travel safely and comfortably with the SafeSnap Pro Group 0-2 Baby Car Seat! With deep side wings, optimum side impact protection, and a one-pull harness, your baby will be secure and cozy.

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Key Features
Safe, Secure, and Comfy for your Little One from birth to 25kg: Ensure your baby travels in safety, comfort and style with the SafeSnap Pro Infant Carrier. Designed for children from birth to 25kg, this car seat offers maximum protection, security and comfort for your little one as they grow.

Two-way Facing for Ultimate Versatility: With the option to face rearward for infants from birth to 10kg and forward-facing for children from 9-25kg, this car seat adapts to your child's changing needs and provides a safe and comfortable ride every time. Whether you're driving across town or taking a long road trip.

Energy-Absorbing Side Wings for Extra Peace of Mind: The energy-absorbing side wings are designed to absorb and distribute crash forces, providing extra peace of mind for parents. Your baby will also be surrounded by comfort with the deep side wings, ensuring a cozy and secure ride every time.

Easy to Adjust 5-Point Harness: Make adjustments on the go with the SafeSnap Pro Infant Carrier's easy-to-adjust 5-point harness. The one-pull design makes it simple to ensure a secure and snug fit for your little one, and the adjustable headrest and harness grow with your child for continued use as they grow.

Stylish Design, Machine-Washable Covers: When accidents happen or spills occur, the machine-washable cover makes cleaning up a breeze, so you can keep your car seat looking like new.
Portability & Dimensions
Baby Car Seat Size

Dimensions: 69 x 45 x 74 cms.

Suitable For: Group 0 1 2 (From birth to 25kg).

Rearward Facing: From birth to 10kg.

Forward Facing: From 9-25kg.

Safety Warning:

1. Read and follow the manual's instructions for proper installation and use of the car seat.

2. Never use the car seat if it has been in a collision or shows signs of damage.

3. Make sure to use the car seat until your child outgrows the maximum weight or height limits.

4. Regularly check the tightness of the seatbelt and adjust the harness to ensure a secure fit for your child.

5.Never place the car seat on a front passenger seat with an active airbag.
Do not use accessories not approved by the manufacturer with the car seat.

These safety warnings are in place to ensure the safe and proper use of the SafeSnap Pro Infant Carrier. Failure to follow these warnings may result in injury to your child.

Maximum Weight: 25 Kilograms

Harness Type: 5 Point

Rearward Facing: From birth to 10kg.

Forward Facing: From 9-25kg.
What is the weight and age limit for this car seat?

The SafeSnap Pro Infant Carrier is suitable for use from birth to 25kg (approximately 7 years old).

Can the car seat be used for both rearward and forward-facing?

Yes, it can be used for both rearward-facing from birth to 10kg and forward-facing from 9-25kg.

Is the car seat compliant with safety standards?

Yes, the SafeSnap Pro is compliant with safety standards, such as ECE R44/04.

How do I adjust the harness to fit my child?

The harness can be adjusted using the one-pull mechanism, ensuring a secure fit for your child.

Can the cover be removed and washed?

Yes, the cover is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

What are the dimensions of the car seat?

The car seat measures 69 x 45 x 74 cms.






Explore The SafeSnap Pro

A Safe and Comfy Ride: from Birth to 25kg

Keep your little one secure and cozy, no matter what stage of growth they're in. The SafeSnap Pro Carrier provides a safe and comfortable ride from birth to 25kg.

With adjustable features and optimum side impact protection, you can trust that your baby will be in good hands from day one to toddlerhood.

Switch It Up with SafeSnap Pro's Two-Way Facing

Start your journey right with our dual facing options! Whether your little one is just starting out at birth or ready to see the world at 9kg, SafeSnap Pro has got you covered.

Enjoy a cozy and secure rearward facing position from birth to 10kg, then switch it up to a forward facing position for more adventures from 9-25kg.

Safe and Secure with the Innovative Side Wings

The innovative energy-absorbing side wings are engineered to absorb and distribute crash forces in the event of an accident, giving parents peace of mind while on the road.

Hassle-Free Solution: Easy-to-Adjust 5-Point Harnes

Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming adjustments with the SafeSnap Pro's Easy-to-Adjust 5-Point Harness. This hassle-free solution ensures your little one stays secure and comfortable with just a few simple clicks, Safe and Simple!


Suitable Weight
‎Group 0 1 2 (From birth to 25kg).

Maximum Weight Recommendation 
‎25 Kilograms

Rearward Facing
From birth to 10kg.
Forward facing
From 9-25kg
Reclining Positions
Harness type 
‎5 Point

Safety Warning
‎Warning: This product is intended for use with a baby weighing between birth and 25kg. Always use the 5-point harness and ensure that it is properly tightened before use. Never leave your child unattended in the car seat. Always use the seat in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and applicable safety regulations. Always use the seat in a rear-facing position until your child reaches the maximum weight or height limit for that position, as specified by the manufacturer.

Item Weight 
‎12 kg

Package Includes

SafeSnap Pro Baby Car Seat
Instructions Manual


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