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ShedAway™️ Professional Deshedding Tool

ShedAway™️ Professional Deshedding Tool

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Reduce Shedding and Matting by Up To 80%!

Say goodbye to the constant battle against dog hair with the ShedAway tool that is specifically designed for deshedding.
It reduces shedding and matting by up to 80%, ensuring that your furry friend is comfortable and your living space remains clean. 

Less Shedding, Healthy & Shiny Coat.

ShedAway is designed to reduce shedding significantly. The big benefit? Your dog's coat will not only shed less but also look healthier and shinier.

Regular use of the ShedAway ensures your pet's fur remains sleek and well-maintained, enhancing their natural beauty and vitality.

Pet-Friendly Grooming: ShedAway Is Safe & Gentle!

Grooming your pet should be a pleasant experience, and with our tool, it can be. ShedAway is designed with your pet's comfort in mind, ensuring a safe and gentle grooming session. 
The rounded outer teeth massage the skin without scratching, while the sharp inner teeth effectively remove loose fur and tangles. Your dog will feel relaxed and pampered, resulting in a shiny, healthy coat.
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