ShootePro 99 Massage Gun

Unleash the power of deep tissue massage with ShootePro99! Powerful percussion, 99 speeds, and an LCD touch screen make it easy to customize your massage experience.

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Key Features
99 Speed Levels: The fascia gun has a built-in powerful and high-power 9800 rpm motor, and the vibration adjustment intensity is as high as 99 gears to meet the needs of different groups of people. The powerful vibrations of the deep tissue massager can effectively relieve fatigue and pain, reduce muscle stiffness, promote blood circulation and relieve lactic acid, so you can stay in top shape.

Fascia Layer Deep Massage: The vibration of the muscle massage gun can achieve a 16mm deep massage, and the pain and discomfort of the muscle tissue can be relieved by comfortable tapping. Prevent inflammation caused by fascia and muscle adhesions, energize your body, and keep your body in top shape.

Low-noise Technology: The fascia gun adopts professional brushless motor and low-noise technology, which can perform low-decibel vibration movement, and the noise generated during operation does not exceed 45dB, providing you with a noise-free percussion massage experience. No need to worry about loud noise, it can be used in different occasions, allowing you to enjoy quiet muscle relaxation moments.

6 Replaceable Massage Heads: The percussion massager is equipped with 6 massage heads with different shapes, which can help users relax different muscle tissues. You can use different massage heads according to your needs, and the installation is convenient and simple. Different types of massage heads can massage the muscles of different parts of the body more targetedly, relax the muscles of the back and feet, arms, etc.

LCD Smart Touch Screen: LED smart touch screen can display the speed level and power indicator, you can set the desired speed level by pressing "+" or "-", the power indicator can display the power at any time, and you can see the power usage , charging in time, don't worry about power off when using.
Massage Heads
Unlock the full potential of deep tissue massage with ShootePro 99's versatile 6 shape-specific massage heads. Each head is designed to target and relax specific muscle groups for maximum relief.

Whether it's your back, feet, arms or any other body part, you can easily switch between heads to customize your massage experience with convenience and simplicity.

Safety & Dimensions
Product dimensions: 23L x 6W x 16H centimetres

Power source: Battery Powered

Safety Warning: This product is for external use only. Do not use on open wounds, swollen, or infected areas. If you have any medical condition, please consult your physician before use. Do not use on the head, face, or neck. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury.
What is the ShootePro 99 Massage Gun?

The ShootePro 99 is a handheld deep tissue massager with 99 speeds, a powerful percussion motor, and an LCD touch screen. It comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads for targeting specific muscle groups for pain relief and relaxation.

How does it work?

The massager uses percussion to deliver deep tissue massage to help relax sore muscles and improve circulation. The 99 speeds and touch screen allow you to customize your massage experience, while the 6 heads give you the ability to target specific muscle groups.

How do I change the massage heads?

The massage heads can be easily installed by twisting off the current head and attaching a new one.

How often should I use the massage gun?

It is recommended to use the massager for 15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times per day. However, you should consult your physician if you have any specific needs or concerns.

Is it suitable for athletes?

Yes, the massager is a great tool for athletes looking to relieve muscle soreness and improve recovery.

How do I clean the massager?

The massager can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. The massage heads should be cleaned after each use with a damp cloth and mild soap. Let them dry completely before reattaching.






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Why Customers Love the ShootePro 99

Read what our customers have said about the ShootePro Massage Gun.

Professional Massage at Home

Say goodbye to expensive spa visits and hello to professional massage in the comfort of your own home! With ShootePro 99, you have the power of a professional massage therapist at your fingertips.

Upgrade Your Recovery Game

This powerful percussion massager is designed to reach deep muscle tissue, eliminating pain and discomfort with its 16mm deep massage and comfortable tapping.

Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just someone who wants to feel better, ShootePro99 is the perfect tool to enhance your recovery process.

Experience a New Level of Relaxation

Whether you're looking to ease sore muscles, relieve tension, or simply unwind, the ShootePro 99's deep tissue massager will transport you to a new level of relaxation.

With its LCD touch screen, handheld design, and easy installation, you'll be able to enjoy professional-grade massage at home, any time you want.

Customize Your Massage Experience

With 99 speeds and 6 different massage heads, you have the ability to tailor your massage experience to your specific needs. Target those hard-to-reach areas, relieve muscle tension and achieve deep relaxation. The convenience of professional-grade massage at your fingertips, with the freedom to customize your experience.

Low-Noise Technology

Silence is golden, especially when it comes to relaxation.

With ShootePro99's Low-Noise Technology, you can experience the power of deep tissue massage without the distraction of loud noise.

Ultimate Companion for Recovery, Relaxation & Performance Enhancement

With the ShootePro99 massage gun by your side, you have the ultimate companion for achieving your recovery, relaxation, and performance goals.

Whether you're an athlete looking to boost your performance, or simply seeking relief from daily stress, this powerful deep tissue massager is your go-to tool for optimal physical and mental well-being.


Use For
Whole Body
Power source
Battery Powered
Black, Grey
Product dimensions
23L x 6W x 16H centimetres
Motor Power 
9800 RPM
Speed Levels
Massage Heads
Working Time
Deep Tissue
LCD Smart Touch Screen
Product Benefits
Muscle Pain Relief, Blood Circulation, Relieve Fatigue

Package Includes

ShootePro99 Massage Gun
6 Massage Attachment Heads 
Charging Cable
User Guide


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