SnuggleCuddle - Next To Me Baby Crib

The ultimate bedside companion for you and your baby. With its plush 5cm deep mattress, four adjustable positions, and anti-reflux incline, you can ensure your little one's comfort and safety all night long.

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30-Day Test Period

Buying the right next-to-me baby crib is tough. Take your SnuggleCuddle for a 30-day test period. If your baby hasn't fallen in love, return it for a full refund. Easy as that!

Key Features
MAXIMUM COMFORT: The super soft crib has the thickest co sleeper mattress at 5cm depth.

FOUR-POSITION ADJUSTMENT: The design offers a snug and secure fit to your bed with a minimum height of 68cm and maximum height of 85cm. The multi-position extending feet provide a more flexible fit.

ANTI-REFLUX & ANTI-FLATHEAD INCLINE POSITION: The incline adjustment helps with congested breathing. Chemical free, breathable mesh sides provide healthy air circulations.

EU & UK SAFETY APPROVED: For parents with Safety as their priority, safest bedside crib available, meets and exceeds all EU and UK safety standards to ensure the safest design for your baby.

CO SLEEPING & STANDALONE COT: Using the safety straps secure to your bed to use as a co sleeper or zip up the side panel and use as a standalone crib.
Dimensions & Adjustments
Product dimensions: 96L x 55W x 53H Centimetres

Four-Position Adjustment: secure fit to your bed with a minimum height of 68cm and maximum height of 85cm.

Age Range: Roughly from Newborn to 6 months for an average size baby.

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 9 Kilograms.
Safety & Materials
  • Material Composition: ‎Super-soft Cotton

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 9 Kilograms

Feature: Anti-Reflux & Anti-Flathead Incline Position

Safety: EU & UK Safety APPROVED

Safety Warning: When using Snuggle Cuddle, always ensure that the safety straps are securely attached to the adult bed. Always place the crib on a flat and sturdy surface. Do not use the crib on top of a soft surface, such as a waterbed, beanbag, or cushion. Never leave your baby unattended in the crib. Regularly check the stability and safety of the crib and tighten any loose screws or bolts. Discontinue use if any parts are damaged or missing. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use.
What is the depth and width of the feet please? Our bed is quite close to the floor and not sure if they'll fit underneath?

"I have a low to the floor bed roughly 3/4 cm gap and they went under without a problem"

Does it swing or rock?

No, it neither swings nor rocks. It's designed deliberately to be static due to the nature of the functionality.

Is this suitable for high divan bed? My bed reaches 63 cm high

"I have a superking divan bed and its perfect and my baby loves it i loved it that much i bought 2 one for upstairs and one for downstairs"

What size of fitted sheets do I need for this mattress?

60 by 120

Can it be easily moved around the house?

Yes , it's very portable but bulky.

How easy is it to fold the Co sleeper down?

It takes 5 mins to put up and down it comes partly made up.

Does this cot have a solid base?


SnuggleCuddle: Keep Your Baby Close and Comfortable 

The Perfect Solution for Co-Sleeping with Your Newborn

Our SnuggleCuddle Crib provides a safe, comfortable, and well-ventilated sleeping environment for both you and your newborn.

Keep your baby close while they enjoy their own safe cozy space.

Versatile Co-Sleeper and Standalone Crib

Whether you want to keep your baby close while you sleep or give them their own space, our next-to-you crib has got you covered.

With its innovative design, this co-sleeper can be securely attached to your bed using the safety straps or transformed into a standalone crib with just a zip of the side panel.

Reflux-Free Sleep for Your Baby 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights caused by baby's reflux! The SnuggleCuddle baby crib offers an innovative anti-reflux incline position, ensuring your little one can rest comfortably and peacefully.

Comfortable Sleep for Baby, Convenient for You

Ultimate comfort for your little one with its extra thick mattress and anti-reflux incline position.

And with its convenient design, this baby crib is a breeze to use, making co-sleeping and standalone use effortless.


Product Dimensions
96L x 55W x 53H Centimetres
Maximum Weight Recommendation 
‎9 Kilograms
Age Range
Roughly from Newborn to 6 months for an average size baby.
Material Composition
Super-soft Cotton
Height Adjustment
Four-Position Adjustment: secure fit to your bed with a minimum height of 68cm and maximum height of 85cm.
Additional Product Features 
Anti-Reflux & Anti-Flathead Incline Position
Item Weight 
‎8.15 kg

Package Includes

Next-To-Me Crib
Instructions Manual


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