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Isla Baby Nasal Aspirator

Isla Baby Nasal Aspirator

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The only safe solution for stuffy nose!

Compared to other manual methods for clearing congestion in little ones, which can often cause pain, be gross and very difficult, not even talking about mouth suction which is great if you want to directly inhale your child’s virus straight into your lungs!
The nasal aspirator comes with 3 different Suction Heads allows you to pick the best fit for your baby while the process is much easier, painless and will never put you at risk of getting sick.

 Replace Your Little One’s Fears With Lights & Music

No complicated software or hardware learning curve. Just plug in, turn on, add plastic, and begin creating! Rest assured, you or your child don't need any experience to use it.

Eliminate congestion comfortably within seconds!  

Bad congestion leads to serious problems for little ones, such as difficulty breathing, disruptive sleep, ear infections, RSV, and numerous more painful symptoms, and the worst part? They are only able to breathe through the nose

Using our aspirator's 3-level strong congestion power allows you to clear your baby’s nasal the most efficient and fast way resulting in long-term relief and happier smiles

Isla Aspirator Benefits

  • Efficient Congestion Relief: The Isla Aspirator swiftly clears nasal congestion, allowing babies to breathe freely and comfortably within seconds.
  • Safe and Gentle Solution: Unlike manual methods or mouth suction, ours provides a safe and gentle solution, ensuring no discomfort or risk of germ transfer to the baby.
  • Promotes Better Sleep: By eliminating congestion and associated discomfort, our aspirator helps babies sleep soundly, leading to improved sleep quality for both the baby and caregivers.
  • Pediatrician-Endorsed: Baby aspirators are trusted by pediatricians and medical professionals globally, the Isla Aspirator is recommended for its efficacy in providing relief from common infant health issues like congestion and ear infections.

Isla Specifications 

Material: Silicone with BPA Free
Age: 0 - 12 Years Old
Music Option: ✔️
3-Level Congestion Power: ✔️
Warranty: 12 Months

    Package Includes 

    1 x Isla Nasal Aspirator
    3 x Suction Heads
    1 x Charging Cable
    1 x Instruction Manual
    1 x Original Box

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