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BarkBuddy Anti-Bark Dog Collar

BarkBuddy Anti-Bark Dog Collar

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The #1 Pet-Friendly Solution To Dog Barking!

Developed by pet experts, this innovative BarkBuddy Anti-Bark Collar is a revolutionary training aid for dogs.
It uses sound wave technology to suppress unwanted barking behavior without hurting or scaring your dog.

100% Painless, Safe, And Effective.

The BarkBuddy collar is notable for its ease of use, great dog comfort, and especially its sound wave technology. 

When your dog barks, the collar emits inaudible, harmless sound waves that effectively stop the barking. Its voice recognition feature ensures the sound waves are only triggered by your dog's bark.

Size Guide: BarkBuddy Fits Most Dog Breeds!

This Anti-Bark Collar fits neck sizes from 9 to 22 inches, accommodating dogs weighing 11 to 110 pounds. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for both small and large breeds.
Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a large German Shepherd, the BarkBuddy fits perfectly. Its adjustable design allows it to grow with your dog or be used across multiple dogs in the same household.
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