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Bloomartys Canopus Kids Stars Projector

Bloomartys Canopus Kids Stars Projector

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Is your kid facing issues as you just changed his bedroom to a separate space?

Well, Bloomartys Canopus Kids Stars Projector will help him adjust to his new space. When they start to sleep alone, kids often give their parents a very hard time by getting frightened of the bedbug bites and imaginary monsters. 

What is it?

What Starry Sky Night Light Projector will do is emit colorful lights and make elegant shapes on the walls making your kid feel secure.

It will also divert the attention of your kids' brains from getting frightened to getting fascinated. Isn't it a great thing to try?


Key Benefits

  • 3-step dimming mode
  • Provides round-shaped light effects
  • Easy to use 



1 x Bloomartys Canopus Kids Stars Projector
1 x USB cable: To power the nightlight projector.
5 x long TP transparency.
5 x round TP transparency: Offers you round-shaped light effects in the room.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

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