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Bloomartys Rigel Kids Galaxy Projector

Bloomartys Rigel Kids Galaxy Projector

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Bring the starry, night sky right into your own home with our Bloomartys Rigel Kids Galaxy Projector!

With this baby/child night light projector, you and your kids can enjoy lying under the stars watching the vividly colored, celestial show as they twinkle and swirl around the room. So close you'll want to reach out and touch them!

What is it?

It is an innovative light that projects starlight and moonlight around a room, transforming the room into a relaxing sky-like environment at night.

It gives your kids comfort and a feeling of relaxation at night. Imagine the fun they'll have counting all the stars and moon!

Key Benefits

  • Multifunction good night light
  • Produces mesmerizing scene for kids & couples
  • Removable plastic lid that lets you choose colors



Button A - Press this button to control the white hard light.
Button B - Press this button to change the light color conversion.
Button C - Press this button to control the rotation mode.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

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