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ClearHear Ear Wax Removal Tool

ClearHear Ear Wax Removal Tool

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Easy ear cleaning at home with ClearHear!

Experience relief from costly earwax issues with our innovative ClearHear Wax Removal Tool, a practical solution that allows you to safely remove it in the comfort of your home.
Whether you're dealing with excess earwax or seeking optimal hearing clarity, our tool provides a better solution.

Effortless Ear Cleaning, Enhanced Hearing.

With ClearHear, ear cleaning becomes seamless and precise, ensuring optimal comfort and safety for all users, making it useful for maintaining healthy ears on a regular basis.

Safe and Comfortable Ear Care!

Our device is designed with your safety in mind, ensuring gentle yet effective ear cleaning. Experience clear visibility at any time with ClearHear's technology, providing you with a detailed view of your ear canal for precise and effective earwax removal.
It is also super comfortable and gentle with the ears with its ergonomic design, ensuring comfort during use, even for beginners.

ClearHear Ear Wax Removal Benefits

  • Effortless Ear Cleaning: A seamless and effortless ear cleaning process with ClearHear Pro, thanks to its wireless connectivity and user-friendly design.
  • Clear Visuals: A new level of clarity with the high-precision camera, ensuring a clear visual of your ear canal for precise and effective earwax removal.
  • Gentle Illumination: The integrated LED lights provide gentle illumination, enhancing visibility and ensuring a comfortable and safe ear cleaning experience.
  • Smart and Modern: A modern solution that enhances your overall ear hygiene routine.
  • Safety First in Wax Removal: ClearHear is crafted with safety as a top priority, featuring gentle materials and precise construction to ensure a secure ear cleaning experience. Its camera and ergonomic design minimizes the risk of irritation or discomfort, providing peace of mind for users.

ClearHear Specifications 

Pixel: 1296P
Focal Length: 15mm-20mm 
Transmission Speed: 30fps
Gravity Sensor: 3-Axis
Warranty: 12 Months

    Package Includes 

    1 x ClearHear Ear Wax Removal Tool
    1 x USB Cable
    4 x Earpick Heads
    1 x Instruction Manual
    1 x Original Box

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