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Fluffy Calming Cat Bed

Fluffy Calming Cat Bed

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Your Cat Will Love the Comfort Our Bed Offers!

Our cats need their own special snuggle place to feel comfy, cozy and loved. Treat your most beloved companion to a little luxury with our Fluffy Calming Cat Bed.
So big, plush and comfortable, your pampered pet won't want to leave his/her special snuggle place for any reason...well, except maybe for a treat! Perfect for cats of all sizes!

Proven to Reduce Anxiety.

This Fluffy Calming Pet Cave is constructed as a half-enclosed building, making it easy for your cat to enter and exit while also providing protection.

This warm relaxing bed employs faux fur, the same fabric used in human baby blankets, to simulate the sensation of their mother's fur, to lessen separation anxiety symptoms and ease joint discomfort.

Improves The Sleep Quality of Your Cat.

Our calming cat bed can help relax and ground your little fellas. It is designed with inspiration from an age-old general concept that shows how a pet's sleeping pattern makes a difference in his happiness level.
Feeling of safety and warmness is guaranteed to ALL cats while also providing neck and joint support for muscle relief which results in greatly improved sleep!


We always recommend you to purchase one size larger to allow your cats to cuddle comfortably.

Soft to the Touch & Machine Washable

Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux fur, our Fluffy Calming Bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. It’s soft, durable, and 100% machine-washable. (machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat)

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