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Gadlane - Steering Wheel Lock

Gadlane - Steering Wheel Lock

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Gadlane Lock Features

• Enhanced Security: Provides robust protection for your vehicle by securely locking the steering wheel in position, making it extremely challenging for thieves to remove.

• Easy Installation: Can be easily adjusted and installed within seconds, making it a convenient and hassle-free security solution.

• High Visibility Deterrence: The bright yellow color immediately catches the attention of potential thieves, serving as a strong visual deterrent and significantly reducing the risk of break-ins.

• Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, and caravans, making it a versatile choice for various types of vehicles.

• Strong and Reliable Construction: Built with heavy-duty metal and twin bar construction, providing a strong and reliable security measure for your vehicle.


1. Is this steering wheel lock compatible with all vehicle types?

Yes, our steering wheel lock is designed to be compatible with most vehicles, including cars, vans, and caravans.

2. Does the lock come with spare keys?

Yes, our steering wheel lock comes with two keys, providing you with a spare in case of loss or emergency.

3. Is the soft coating on the lock protective for the steering wheel?

Absolutely! The soft coating not only protects your steering wheel from damage but also provides a comfortable grip during installation and removal.

4. Can the lock be easily installed?

Yes, the lock is designed for effortless installation, allowing you to secure your vehicle within seconds without any hassle.

5. Is the lock durable and tamper-resistant?

Absolutely! Our steering wheel lock is built with heavy-duty materials and a robust construction, ensuring durability and deterring theft attempts.

6. Can I use this lock on multiple vehicles?

Yes, the lock is portable and can be used on multiple vehicles, providing you with the flexibility and convenience you need.


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Return & Refund Policy

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Secure Your Vehicle with Confidence!

Our Gadlane anti-theft device ensures that your car, van, or caravan remains protected against unauthorized access.

With its strong construction and easy installation, you can trust that your vehicle is safe and sound.

Deter Thieves with High Visibility.

The bright yellow color of this steering wheel lock serves as a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

As soon as they see this vibrant lock, they'll think twice before attempting to break into your vehicle. 

For Ultimate Security

✔️  Effortless Installation In Seconds

Installing the GADLANE Steering Wheel Lock is a breeze, taking just seconds to lock it down. With this effortless installation, you can enjoy ultimate security for your vehicle without any hassle.

No complicated steps or headaches involved. Say hello to ultimate security without the hassle. With this lock, you can have peace of mind knowing your car is safe and sound. 

Universal Fit for Any Vehicle

✔️ Wide Compatibility

Whether you own a car, van, or caravan, our Steering Wheel Lock is designed to seamlessly fit and provide exceptional security for any vehicle.

Smooth Protection, Gentle Grip

✔️ Soft Coating

Our Gadlane Lock features a soft coating that ensures your wheel stays safe from scratches and damage. The specially designed coating not only offers a protective layer but also provides a comfortable grip when handling the lock.

Secure on the Go, Anywhere!

✔️ Portable and Convenient

Its lightweight and compact design allow you to effortlessly carry it with you wherever you go.

Whether you're traveling or simply switching between vehicles, our portable solution ensures that you can always secure your vehicle with ease.

Built to Last

✔️ Professional-Grade & Durable

Gadlane it's built with the highest standards of quality and durability. Crafted with professional-grade materials, it offers unparalleled strength and reliability to safeguard your vehicle.

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• Material: Heavy-duty steel construction

• Compatibility: Suitable for most vehicles 

• No. of Keys: 2

• Robust & Secure: ✓

• Features: Twin Bar & Twin Hook. Strong metal with soft coating to protect the steering wheel from damage. 

• Installation: Easy to install and remove within seconds

Package Includes

1 x Gadlane Steering Wheel Lock

1 x User Manual