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Posture Corrector For Desk Work & Gamers

Posture Corrector For Desk Work & Gamers

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The first time you put on your new Permanent Posture Corrector, you'll instantly realize what a truly pain-free, perfect posture experience feels and looks like. 

Our back brace for posture is not just a quick temporary fix! It actually trains your back and shoulder muscles to hold proper alignment, and forms specific memory to help your body settle into its natural perfect posture forever.

If you spend over an hour a day in front of a PC, you will eventually experience a stiff back and uncomfortable neck & shoulder pain.

Working in front of computer screens for long hours pushes your head and neck forward and clamps your muscles, causing you to develop extreme slouching and pain over time. 

The NEW Permanent Posture Corrector firmly pulls your shoulders back and stabilizes your muscles, eliminating the "rounding" effect which causes unhealthy poor posture.

After your body finally adjusts to wearing our back brace for posture, your body will naturally adjust to its newer and healthier posture

Permanent Posture Corrector Features & Benefits

  • Actually Works: Our back support product will help you improve your posture in 2 weeks or we will give you your money back!
  • Non-Surgical Fix: Our product is a simple, non-surgical way to correct humpback, slouching, improve posture and help you relieve pain in the shoulder, back and neck areas.
  • Universal: Use it in your home, office, at the gym or yoga room, outdoors, and pretty much anywhere you want!
  • Comfortable, Breathable: Our postural correction belt is made of very soft composite fabric and nylon tape, with breathable holes in the back and on shoulder straps. It's exceptionally comfortable to wear on or under your clothes.
  • Long-Term Effect: After your body is used to wearing this posture-correcting strap, it will naturally settle into its perfect posture and eventually you won't need the strap anymore.

Size Chart:

  • S - Chest Size: 46 - 68 cm
  • M - Chest Size: 68 - 91 cm
  • L - Chest Size: 91 - 119 cm

Posture Corrector Specifications:

  • Materials: Foam, Neoprene, Composite Fabrics, Velcro
  • Sizes S/M/L

What's included:

  • 1 x Permanent Posture Corrector
  • 1 x English Instructions

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