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Snugsie - Pregnancy Pillow

Snugsie - Pregnancy Pillow

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comfort in multiple positions

By supporting your entire body in a way that’s comfortable for you, aches and pains disappear overnight.

The contoured U shape cradles your body. The hourglass shape curves and contours to your entire back while aligning your hips for optimal joint positioning.

Along with giving you full, cozy support for everyday use, the Snugsie Body Pillow helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, lower back pain, ankle pain, and more.

COMPLETE SUPPORT when and where you need it

With the Snugsie Body Pillow, you can be enveloped in complete support and comfort every night, especially at pregnancy.

The multifunctional and versatile design means the pillow can be used for napping, sleeping, movie nights, cuddling, reading, general lounging, or even for large pillow fights.

SIMPLE DESIGN and easy to clean

Coming in two sizes of 9ft and 12ft length and stuffed with a soft polyester filling, the Snugsie Sleep Body Pillow also has a 100% cotton removable cover that can be washed, dried, and ironed.

Whatever your need, the Snugsie Sleep Body Pillow is a must-have home accessory for all comfort lovers out there.


These pillows are made from a polycotton outer and are available in either 9ft or 12ft length - In the 9ft option, each leg measures 54" long and 16" wide prior to being filled. Each leg in the 12ft option measures 72" long and 16" wide.
9 Ft Dimensions:
Total Length: 275cm

Each Leg: 135cm (54") - U Thickness: 44cm
12Ft Dimensions:

Total Length: 365cm

Each Leg 182cm (72") - U Thickness: 48cm

Snugsie Specifications 

Outer fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Filling: 100% Bounceback Hollowfibre
Total Length of pillow: 9ft (275cm) or 12ft (365cm)
Each Leg measures: 9ft: 54" (135cm), 12ft: 72" (182cm)

    Package Includes 

    1 x Snugsie Pregnancy Pillow

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